ClearSol SOLV LST is an extremely low surface tension, readily biodegradable & non-combustible solvent that cuts through and removes heavy greases, oils and paraffin from metal and other surfaces.* ClearSol SOLV LST’s high polarity and low surface tension of 19 dynes/cm provides exceptional solvency properties including fast spreading, soil penetration and removal. ClearSol SOLV LST is also very effective at removing bitumen from metal surfaces and is a highly attractive, environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional solvents such as p-xylene & 1,4-dimethycyclohexane. This proven solvent technology exhibits the following attributes:

• Extremely low surface tension of 19 dynes/cm.
• Readily biodegradable.
• Non-combustible & non-DOT regulated.*
• Fast spreading & soil penetration on metal and other surfaces.
• Excellent at removing heavy greases, oils, paraffin and bitumen.
• Eco-friendly replacement for p-xylene & 1,4-dimethylcyclohexane.

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Clear Solutions’ CIP Products Application in the Beer Industry

Clear Solutions’ CIP Products Application in the Beer Industry

The addition of an additive package greatly increases the effectiveness of NaOH in the CIP process. In order to have an efficient additive package, water hardness, maximum temperature of cleaning cycle, and percentage of NaOH in the final solution must be considered. Once properly formulated, the CIP cleaning process can utilize less product and shorter cleaning times.