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From improving cleaning formulations to designing a complete custom package, Clear Solutions is the CLEAR choice.


Eliminate Beer Stone and improve the taste and quality in Breweries, Soda and Beer Delivery Lines in Restaurants.


Reduce the waste runoff from caustic bath cleaning in Aluminum Extrusion and Surface Treatment


Reduce caustic use, eliminate need for hydro blasting in CIP process, and increase product flow rates between washes


Membrane-grade standard in cleaning for Milk, Cheese, Poultry and Egg

A trusted partner that understands your chemical soltion needs

Our team of experts poses in-depth knowledge of chemical solutions, including those used in Clean-in-Place processes. We have a unique understanding of your challenges.

CIP Trials

A reliable partner would have experience conducting CIP trials. This involves testing and validating the effectiveness of cleaning solutions and processes to ensure they meet the required standards for cleanliness and sanitation.

Customized Solutions

We are recognized for our ability to tailor solutions to the meet your specific requirements. This involves custom formulations or adjustments to existing products to meet unique needs.

Quality Products

We are your trustworthy partner in the chemical solutions industry we provide high-quality products that are effective, safe, and comply with industry standards and regulations.


Regulatory Compliance

We adherence to relevant regulations and safety standards is crucial in the chemical industry. As a reliable partner we ensure that your solutions comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Top Products

ClearSol LLR

ClearSol LLR , a patented formula, is a very low-foaming surfactant for strong caustic and acid solutions. It is readily soluble in 50% caustic soda solutions without the need for prolonged mixing or heating.

ClearSol CIP PreBatch 20+

ClearSol CIP PreBatch is a formulated, very low foaming surfactant & hard water control additive which is readily soluble in 50% Caustic Soda solutions. No need for prolonged mixing or heating.

AntiPro EP-3M

AntiPro EP-3M, a patented formula, is a very low-foaming surfactant which is readily soluble in 50% caustic soda solutions without the need for prolonged mixing or heating. 

ClearSol CIP PreBatch 40+

ClearSol CIP PreBatch 40+ This patented formulation represents a breakthrough in surfactant technology, boasting minimal foam generation and exceptional effectiveness in managing hard water. 

ClearSol CIP Complete 20+

ClearSol CIP Complete 20+, a patented formula, is a very low-foaming surfactant which is readily soluble in 50% caustic soda solutions without the need for prolonged mixing or heating. Includes 90% NaOH and 10% additive.

ClearSol MemZyme-M

ClearSol MEMZYME M is a brand new, high performance RO Filter Cleaner Concentrate containing enzymes which exhibits exceptionally low surface tensions (<19 dynes/cm) and fully compatible with polymeric-based membranes. 

Why Clear Sol CIP Complete 20+?

ClearSol CIP PreBatch 20+ is a versatile cleaning solution, formulated with low foaming surfactants and hard water control additives. Designed to dissolve readily in 50% caustic soda solutions, it eliminates the need for extended mixing or heating, contributing to operational efficiency. This product is particularly useful for applications requiring effective cleaning in conjunction with caustic soda, and its low foaming nature is advantageous in situations where excessive foam could pose issues. If you’re looking for a convenient and efficient cleaning agent that is compatible with caustic soda solutions, ClearSol CIP PreBatch 20+ might be a suitable choice.

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Is there a Clear Solutions USA Representative in my Area?

Yes, Clear Solutions USA has a Nationwide team to help.To learn more please visit our contact page.

Does Clear Solutions USA offer a complete cleaning package?

Yes, Clear Solutions USA offers both additive surfactants as well as complete packages to help fit the needs of our customers.

Is Clear Solutions USA a New Company?

Clear Solutions USA was formed in 2004 to provide unique solutions to a wide variety of cleaning applications.

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