Advanced Chemical Solutions

We understand every situation is unique which is why every one of our solutions is unique to meet your needs.

Product in Liquid Form

Using dry caustic mixed with water can lead to exothermic reactions and difficulties in maintaining precise concentrations. Our liquid form solution overcomes these challenges, ensuring safer handling and more accurate concentration measurements, while contributing to a safer work environment and reducing overall caustic usage.

Time and Cost Efficiency

Our product has been shown to extend the lifespan of caustic baths, leading to savings on caustic purchases and reduced environmental fees from less frequent disposal.

Reduction in Surface Tension

Our innovative technology, when used with additives, effectively lowers surface tension to below 20 dynes/cm. This results in enhanced cleaning performance, particularly on challenging surfaces, while also decreasing the time and quantity of product required for thorough cleaning.

Our chemical technology is changing the game for the aluminum industry by using our innovative formulas.


  • Excellent for etching
  • Excellent for cleaning processes
  • Reduce or eliminate other chemicals
  • Extend reactivity of solution
  • Increased safety in mixing solutions
  • Lower environmental fees
  • Reduction in solution surface tension
  • Reduce hazardous waste

Our Clean-in-Place (CIP) solutions are used in the aluminum manufacturing industry. Our Products help clean and sanitize processing equipment without the need for disassembly. Our solutions remove contaminants, residues, and other impurities from the surfaces of equipment and pipelines, ensuring that manufacturing processes remain efficient and meet quality standards.


  1. Equipment and Surfaces Cleaned with CIP:
    Smelting Furnaces: In aluminum manufacturing, smelting furnaces are a critical component. CIP can be used to clean surfaces within these furnaces to remove build-up and impurities.
    Pipelines and Tubes: Aluminum production often involves the transportation of materials through pipelines and tubes. CIP is employed to clean these pathways thoroughly.
  2. Cleaning Agents Used in CIP for Aluminum Manufacturing:
    Acidic Cleaners: Aluminum surfaces can develop oxide layers that need to be removed. Acidic cleaners are commonly used in CIP processes to dissolve these oxides and other contaminants.
    Alkaline Cleaners: These are used to remove organic residues and grease from equipment surfaces.
    Chelating Agents: These agents help in sequestering metal ions and preventing them from interfering with the cleaning process.
  3. Challenges in Aluminum Manufacturing CIP
    Oxide Layers: The presence of oxide layers on aluminum surfaces can be a challenge. Specialized cleaning agents are required to effectively remove these oxides.
    High Temperatures: Aluminum smelting involves high temperatures, and the cleaning agents used in CIP must be capable of working under these conditions.

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