ClearSol CIP PreBatch 20+

ClearSol CIP PreBatch is a formulated, very low foaming surfactant & hard water control additive which is readily soluble in 50% Caustic Soda solutions without the need for prolonged mixing or heating. This new, innovative technology exhibits the following attributes when formulated into a caustic-based cleaner:

  • Extremely low surface tensions of 18 dynes/cm or lower depending on formulation. Provides the lowest known surface tension properties from a commercially available surfactant system to 50% Caustic Soda solutions and their use dilutions.
  • Controls hard water even in high-temperature cleaning applications.
  • Extremely low foam properties making this product suitable for many industrial cleaning processes.
  • Can reduce either the NaOH consumption or the cleaning cycle time by as much as 50%.
  • Light color with minimal odor.
  • Applications include food, brewery, draft beer lines, dairy, poultry, egg, car & truck, strong caustic or acidic cleaners. Also includes paint and coating strippers, oil field and pulp & paper applications.

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Clear Solutions’ CIP Products Application in the Beer Industry

Clear Solutions’ CIP Products Application in the Beer Industry

The addition of an additive package greatly increases the effectiveness of NaOH in the CIP process. In order to have an efficient additive package, water hardness, maximum temperature of cleaning cycle, and percentage of NaOH in the final solution must be considered. Once properly formulated, the CIP cleaning process can utilize less product and shorter cleaning times.