AntiPro EP-3M

AntiPro EP-3M, a patented formula, is a very low-foaming surfactant which is readily soluble in 50% caustic soda solutions without the need for prolonged mixing or heating.  It is stable in mineral acids including hydrochloric, phosphoric, and nitric acids.  This newly patented technology exhibits the following attributes when formulated at a 600 ppm use level into final working solutions:

  • Extremely low surface tensions of 27 dynes/cm or lower depending on formulation, one of the lowest known surface tension properties from a commercially available surfactant when added to 50% caustic soda solutions,  diluted to their final use concentration, and in conjunction with recommended additive packages.
  • Extremely low foam suitable for many industrial cleaning processes.
  • Soluble in 50% NaOH, 45% KOH, 25% HCl, 20% HNO3, and 85% H3PO4.
  • Does NOT contain any California Proposition 65 listed chemicals.
  • Reduces NaOH consumption or the cleaning cycle time by as much as 50%.
  • Light color with minimal odor.
  • Used with strong caustic or acidic cleaners in many food processing plants including brewing, dairy, poultry, and egg; and also used in car and truck washes, paint and coating stripping, oil field drilling, and pulp and paper plants.

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