25% Reduction in Caustic Consumption

With our custom CIP packages, ethanol plants cut caustic use by 25% (when “set point” starts at 5-8%) because our additives enhance the cleaning power significantly. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Reduce or Eliminate Scale Buildup

When ethanol plants use our CIP technology calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate don’t stand a chance. Less buildup means less time cleaning and who doesn’t want that?

Reduce or Eliminate Scale Buildup

When ethanol plants use our CIP technology calcium carbonate and calcium oxalate don’t stand a chance. Less buildup means less time cleaning and who doesn’t want that?

Pre-Blended Caustic for Safe Handling

Our CIP Complete packages come in liquid form with caustic and additives pre-blended. Liquid caustic is safer to handle and produces less heat when mixed on site compared to pearls or flakes.

How it Works

Our additive package is made up of 4 components which all work together to form the most efficient caustic CIP solution on the market.

Chelant (key-lant)

Chelants are materials that work in aqueous solutions to tie up metal ions so that they are no longer effective. Chelation is important because the chelating agents tie up the metal ions in hard water and inhibit their ability to interact with the other cleaning agents. The concentration of chelating agents needed is directly related to the water hardness. The harder the water, the higher the concentration required. When formulating a CIP additive package, it is important to note the water hardness as well as the fluctuation of the water hardness.

Scale Inhibitor

The scale inhibitor virtually modifies and attacks the crystal growth by changing the structure and prevents the scale from forming. Scale can be formed with the presence of calcium, magnesium, iron, and other trace minerals. The most commonly formed scale is calcium carbonate, followed by calcium oxalate. Iron is traditionally found in the northeastern part of the United States.


Dispersants are important in that they attack the undesired contaminants by using a high negative charge. This works much like two magnets with like charges (the magnets repel one another). The charge of the dispersants causes the contaminants to be more suspended within the solution, which allows for easier washing.


Surfactants effectively lower the surface tension of a given solution. The decrease in surface tension allows for easier wetting of a surface, as well as easier rinsing. This increase in wetting allows for less product use because the low surface tension allows for more spreading across a given surface. This in turn, promotes easier removal with a water rinse. Together, this also amounts to a decrease in cleaning time because the product is able to spread across the surface quickly and rinse more easily.

The Secret

Each component in the additive package perform a specific task in the CIP process there is one major characteristic you will see with our patented product you won’t find anywhere else.

Reduced Surface Tension of CIP Solutions




It’s important to note that the relationship between the water surface tension and the cleaning ability is logrithmic. This means a small reduction in surface tension has a huge impact its cleaning ability. It works similar to the Richter Scale for magnitude of earthquakes.

If our CIP cleaning ability were an earthquake it would be off the chart!

The Variables

No two facilities are set up exactly the same. There are four variables we have to identify in order to formulate a trial CIP solution for any plant.

  • Water Hardness
  • pH Ranges
  • Temperatures
  • Caustic Set Point

Trial Procedures

Once the variables are determined and a formulation for the trial is developed the next step is to schedule a trial. Our experienced Director of CIP Operations will be onsite to assist with launching the trial, monitoring the progress, and making recommendations as necessary for a successful outcome. The target plant should be on the trial system from two to three weeks consistently for optimum results.



Initial benefits can be proven in several ways (i.e., ATP testing and visually), and measurable long-term benefits will be discussed with the target plant team. Recommendations will then be presented to show long-term financial benefit using the Clear Solutions technology.

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