Clean in Place Plant Trials

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Clear Solutions USA has a long history, several decades, of performing CIP services with successful trials and long-term clients. Our products and processes save our clients money in the brewing, dairy, vehicle washing, aluminum, and ethanol industries. We reduce downtime and increase all around efficiency of the plant through cleanliness. To build relationships with our clients, we like to start off with a Clean in Place Plant Trial.

Clean in Place Plant Trials confirm the cleaning process is effective and proper equipment sanitation. Trials identify potential problems with the cleaning process, which can include insufficient flow, incorrect chemical concentrations, or equipment damage. Identifying these issues early on presents an opportunity to resolve issues before production begins.

Additionally, CIP trials are mandatory to ensure that the equipment meets regulatory requirements. For example, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that all food and beverage facilities implement a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan, which includes the validation of CIP systems.

Proper CIP Trial Process

To ensure that Clean in Place Plant Trials are effective and produce accurate results, it is important to follow a structured process. The following steps outline the best practices for conducting CIP trials:


      1. Develop a CIP Trial Plan: The first step in conducting CIP trials is to create a plan that outlines the scope, objectives, and procedures for the trial. The plan should specify the equipment cleaned, the cleaning solutions used, and the acceptance criteria for each step.

      1. Test the Equipment: Before the CIP trial begins, it is essential to test the equipment to ensure that it is functioning properly. This may include checking the temperature and pressure gauges, verifying that all valves are open and that the water flow is adequate, and performing a visual inspection of the equipment.

      1. Conduct the Trial: Adhere to all cleaning procedures outlined in the CIP plan during the CIP trial. Monitor and record the trial for confirmation of accurate completion of each step.

      1. Evaluate the Results: After trial completion, we evaluate the results to determine the cleaning process’ effectiveness. This may include measuring the concentration of the cleaning solution, evaluating the cleaning efficacy, and examining the equipment for any signs of damage.

      1. Document the Results: Document and review the results of the CIP trial to identify opportunities for improvement. Use this information to update the CIP plan and procedures.

    In conclusion, Clean in Place Plant Trials are an important aspect of the food and beverage industry. By following a structured process, companies can ensure that their equipment is clean and sanitized. This will reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and maintain product quality.

    Preliminary Steps

    Gather Information on Equipment and Cleaning Procedures: Collect the following information on the current equipment and cleaning procedures: Below is a list of typical information collected.


        • Does the plant have methanators, spray balls, trays/dishes, etc.?

        • What CIP procedure(s) are currently in place?

        • What is the water hardness and consistency

        • Temperatures

        • pH ranges

        • Final concentration of the solution

        • Is caustic soda used for pH control? With one tank?


      Once the above information is determined, a formulation for the trial is developed by the Clear Solutions USA team for presentation to the target plant. Our Director of CIP Operations will be onsite to assist with launching the trial, monitoring the progress, and making recommendations as necessary for a successful outcome. Based on our experience, the target plant should be on the system from two to three weeks consistently for optimum results.


      Initial benefits are proven in several ways (i.e., ATP testing and visually), and measurable long-term benefits are discussed with the target plant team. Recommendations will then be presented to show the long-term financial benefit of using Clear Solutions technology.

      Initial material for the trial is purchased by the target plant. If after following our guidelines, the trial does not meet or exceed expectations, the cost of the trial will be reimbursed.

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